Starbucks Food Tasting Session

*picture credit to shaz*

Last Saturday, I was invited by Justin & Sui Kar to the Starbucks Food Tasting Session held at Damansara Uptown. Even though i arrived pretty late, the bloggers that were already present were just busily taking photos, so technically, I'm on time! =)

Starbucks just introduced a new variety of food to the existing line of food to uplift Starbucks name. This new line of food is for everyday consumption whether it is breakfast, lunch time and evenings as well to cater to the growing demand of Starbucks loyal customers

As we were so eager to get a bite on all the food there was, I couldn't take the photos of all the food, but anyways, check out some of the food that is now in Starbucks!

java chip
My favourite, Java Chip

Chris Tock
Chris Tock doing his job

Chicken Pasta Stack
Chicken Pasta Stack. A bit dry, but still good

bagel sandwich
Bagel Sandwich.

Shepherds Pie
Shepherds Pie! something to die for!

Buttery Scone with blueberry filling
Buttery Scone with blueberry filling

Espresso Eclaire
Espresso Eclaire.

Marble Cheesecake
Marble Cheesecake. really rich in cheese!

Blueberry Cheesecake
Blueberry Cheesecake. I love this =)

Chocolate Tuxedo! a must try as it is so rich in flavor
*credits to Shaz*

A close up of Shaz

Chris, Justin, Myself
Christopher, Justin, Myself

Calvin, Chris, Justin
The attacking of the guys

Marcus making a fool of himself:)

last but not least:
group pic
the final group picture

Once again, Thank you Starbucks, Sui Kar & Justin for inviting me over, and as for the rest, Get to the nearest Starbucks and enjoy the new awesome food!


Starbucks Damansara Uptown! I am a frequent there! Love their new Christmas cups and all.
kimmy said…
hmmm... i wouldn't mind a slice of that BLUEBERRY CHESSECAKE, lol!
Adrian said…
Love JavaChip too LOL