Belanga Minum Petang Session


Courtesy of Belanga Cafe & Feeqsays network, I've been invited to the Minum Petang Sensation 2010 at Belanga Cafe, Empire Shopping Gallery. Belanga Cafe is a boutique cafe known as a Potpourri in Malay Cuisine and is well known for the consistency in quality food with a myriad of home-styled authentic Malay Cuisine. They have just launched a new and energetic combination of authentic home-styled Malay bites and fine coffee that will make purist to rub their hands in glee!

This is an effort coinciding with the vision of Pn Zainab Shiyuti, the proprietor and the lady behind the success of Belanga Cafe to launch the Minum Petang Sensation to transform Belanga Cafe into a Local Coffee Hub with an international approach. With freshly grinded coffee beans from Belanga's very own Espresso Bar, One can trigger their senses with the extensive coffee sensation such as Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Ristretto, Long Black, Flat White and more!

Lets get to the pictures to stimulate our senses!

Belanga Cafe

The Managers Explaining the menu

me and victoria
Myself with Victoria

buffet line
Bloggers getting their hands on this delicious treats!

food 2
Satar (Triangle Shaped), a blend of succulent boneless fish marinated in spices. wrapped in banana leaves and grilled over a flaming hot charcoal fire!

Royal Samosa, a puffy stuffed pastry shell with savoury potato fillings

roti jala
The making of Roti Jala

cucur udang
The making of Cucur Udang

anak dara dua sebilik
Anak Dara Dua Sebilik, the direct translation is: two virgins in a room ;) this is a must try!

My platter of Roti Jala with curry, Anak Dara Dua Sebilik & Cucur Udang

and of course all this is served with a nice cup of coffee of your choice


So guys, I would say its a must try to go for the Minum Petang Sensation! get your hands on this delicious treats! you can also check out their Facebook page at www.facebook/belangacafe


Vox said…
All pictures are Victoria selected and approved ha ha ha! Bf aku sanagat tahu aku sangat pentingkan muka aku wtfwtf hahaha!

Should I get a red streak?! Teeeheee!