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Courtesy of the Ever Cute Audrey Ooi (FourFeetNine), I was able to attend Temptations at 7atenine @ The Ascott KL on the 27th October 2010. It was a night to enjoy 7atenine's signature cocktails with their cocktail chemistry while being entertained by Malaysia's very own DJ Nikki

The event started at 9pm where invited guest started pouring in with 2 complimentary signature cocktails for each guest. The invitees were able to be pampered with life's simple pleasures, and of course the great company of friends they are with there

So to get to the pictures:

Inside 7atenine

Audrey, Victoria and Myself
Audrey, Victoria and Myself

DJ Nikki

7atenine menu
the menus

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Hearts, specially frozen cubes of solidified fresh raspberry, amaretto, port and Jack Daniels, crusted with almond flakes and served on skewers

Spirit of Passion
Spirit of Passion, An invigorating concoction of watermelon and passion fruit, zested with fresh lemon, a subtle touch of vanilla and topped off with Pepe Lopez Tequila

One Night Stand
One Night Stand, A sensual bowl of Haagen-Dazs ice cream, doused with Finlandia Vodka and fresh strawberry sauce, crowned with flamed strawberry and basil Meringue, and climaxed with olive oil

and the last picture of the day would be:

Victoria and I
Victoria and I

Once again i would like to thank Audrey for inviting the both of us for this amazing night :)\


Victoria said…
heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee =D
climaxed with olive oil???
seriously? :D