WIP at Bangsar Shopping Centre

WIP, once a Work In Progress, now is Whipped Into Place! It is a restaurant

located at Bangsar Shopping Centre and it caters more to western food but still it has the asian delights with it!. I was invited by my Aunt Soo Ngoh for lunch with my cousins Rachel and David. Since David is Back from Aussie and is also the last time i'm seeing Rachel as She is going to UK to continue her studies. So anyways we headed over to Bangsar Shopping Center as we had to go to HELP university to settle some stuff for Rachel.

I would say that WIP is an awesome place as its a restaurant/bar and i can say that The price you pay is really worth it for the food you get! The Ambience is really relaxed over there with soft lounge music and is a great place to get a meal. Of course i'm talking about lunch hour. If you go for dinner or at night other wise, It'll be noisier and there is a live band at night.

So as for the food we ate that day:

Chicken Ceasar Salad
Chicken Ceasar Salad. The croutons and romaine lettuce were fantastic, the chicken breast meat was a little too dry though

Cordon Chicken
Cordon Breaded Chicken. It is served with a medley of vegetables and curly fries. It has cheese oozing out from the middle of the Chicken fillet. one of the best sellers i can say.

Beef Burger
Beef Burger. It has an inch thick beef patty done to the done-ness that you desire served with salad, onion rings and potato fritters. Really filling and the potato fritters were really crispy!

Grilled Salmon
Grilled Salmon. Served with salad and curly fries. The Salmon was grilled perfectly according to my Aunt.

Mutton Curry
I couldn't remember this dish name, but its basically Mutton Curry. The good thing about this is that there wasn't any smells with the mutton. Quite amazing as mutton normally gives out a certain smell which is not enjoyable.

And the last would be a Group pic of My Aunt, Cousins and Myself

Group pic

Its a really great place to go for a meal, chillout and relax! And thx once again Aunt Soo Ngoh for this lunch :)