Starbucks at Genting in the middle of the night

It was during the holidays that i got really bored of what i was doing day by day. As i sleep pretty late and i wake up extremely late, I decided i shouldn't waste the night off. So as for me, I called up my best friends Joshua and Evon and we headed up to Genting Highlands

We took a 1 hour drive up as it was really dark and scary, as you know there are not lights when you're going up the hill. And also since it just stopped raining, it was pretty wet so I was driving a little slow to ensure we get up there safely

And as we reached the top about 12am, we breathe the cool air and gsince it just stopped raining, it was colder than ever! We headed over to Starbucks as thats the usual place that everyone goes just to drink hot coffee and enjoy the cold air

Lets just head to the pics shall we?




Josh & Evon
Joshua and Evon

Evon and I
Evon and I

And as we chilled up there until about 3-4am, we decided to leave and the Best part was:

Group pic

Yes Joshua actually stole the Starbucks cup back LOL

and as for the last picture of the day:

Evon and I
We're trying to pose like the dumbass statue :)