Sonya's Convocation

Well as some of you know, I headed up to Sungai Petani, Kedah a week back to attend my sisters convocation. She has finally graduated with a degree in medicine at AIMST University. It was a pretty big event as this is the 3rd convocation at Aimst and there were more than 200 students graduating with various degrees/diplomas at the same time.

So as for me, I'm very proud of you finally you've graduated and You can finally get on with working life and get out of my house LOL HAHAHA =D OMG i'm such a mean person LOL

So i'll just head to the pictures:)

Aimst University

Plenty of stalls selling gifts for the graduates

convocation ceremony
Convocation Hall

mom & dad
Mom & Dad

sonya receiving her scroll
Sonya receiving her scroll


sonya and i
Myself with Sonya

family pic
Family pic :)

So now, GET A JOB! =D and i'll have the house to myself =D *winks*