RIP Sheeba


My dog had a tragic death,

when i walked outside my house, i found her body inside my fish pond with the fountain pot inside the pond. I would only assume that she got frighten of something which is most probably the fireworks that were being blasted by other people, slipped inside the pond, and as she was trying to get out, she hit the fountain pot and it fell on her making her unconscious and she would have drowned.

I would blame the idiots that blew up the fireworks but it was still a freak accident. Even though i fenced up the porch and pond area she still managed to get in.

lastly i blame myself as I could have been there to pull her out as i could see she only died within the last 30 minutes as her body was a bit warm and still soft

Goodbye Sheeba


Anonymous said…
I'm really sorry 2 hear bout it =( She was a cute dog....-Chia