Priscilla's 19th Birthday at Sagar

This post is dedicated to Priscilla Yee on having her 19th Birthday at Sagar, Bangsar. She's a dear friend of mine from high school and now is studying at Sunway College. So as it was her 19th birthday, she celebrated it at an Indian fine dining restaurant which serves awesomely good food. of course the price you pay is what you get ;) *winks*

So lets just start off with the pictures shall we?

Sagar, Bangsar

Awesome lights, Just had to take a picture of it!

Priscilla and I
Introducing the birthday girl, Priscilla

Group pictures

The people who made it happen!

Now lets get to the food! :)

Indian styled rice

Spinach Green curry with Cheese slices
Spinach Green Curry with Cheese Slices

Cheese Naan
Naans that are kinda like pizza as they put different stuff with it

Fish Tandoori
Fish Tandoori

Tandoori Chicken
Chicken Tandoori

i didn't get the picture of the lamb masala which was really fantastic

So anyway as it came to the end of the day, It came to the cake session:) Its a shame i couldn't cake face you =(

Birthday Cake
Her Birthday Cake

Priscilla blowing
Blowing out the candles

And the last pic of the day:

The Gifts she received :)

so once again, Happy Birthday Priscilla! :)


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lovely :D