Outing with Zoeyve

Everyone meet Zoeyve! She's a Canadian Chinese! *epic* okay so anyways, I had the chance to meet up with her for like the last time, as she is heading back to Canada to continue her studies. We decided to head to Pyramid as well, its the most reachable place ever

We headed over to JCO'S to enjoy donuts for breakfast and chatted for an hour just merely on catching up on the things we've missed out on each other. And hell yeah it was great :)

JCO'S in the morning

And well after we had our JCO'S we walked around pyramid like usual people, window shopping and so on, until i remembered that at Empire Shopping Gallery, The 5 story slide is now operational! To give it a try, we headed over to Empire Shopping Gallery only to find out that one ride on the slide would cost RM12

We felt it wasn't really worth it, so we didn't try it sadly. But we still managed to get Good Food at reLEX over there as it is Joshua Chu's Restaurant and the sets were pretty reasonable in price :)

Salad as the starter - really fresh & crisp

Carbonara Fettucine - it taste a little bland sadly

Apple Crumble - Its sweet:)

So as our day came to an end, we departed separate ways and yeah it was a great day out with you sweetie :) All da best in Canada!