Octoberians Party Sneak peak

I just got back not long ago from the Octoberian's Birthday Party which celebrates the Birthdays of Michael Yip, Jason Chan aka Walauweh and Jeremy Choy aka Bboyrice. It was a splendid night having dinner and drinks with them while getting crazy through the night.

So as I'm gonna blog about this quite late, I'll just show you a sneak peak of the party:)

The 3 Birthday Guys drinking tequila shots

Group pic
The group picture of all of us

and last but not least:


Jeremy getting wasted:)

Stay tuned!


Mike Yip said…
the last photo is a classic! LMAO
Samuel C said…
Mike: yeahh HAHAAA i love chris yip and its my birthday! HAHA

Serge: totally :) HAHA