Octoberian's Party at Gaja!

As i posted a week back on the Octoberian's Party sneak peak, Now i finally have the time to put all the pics together and do a post on it. on the 9/10/10. It was the celebration of 3 bloggers which is none other than Jeremy Choy , Jason Chan and Mike Yip. It was celebrated at Gaja, Bangsar where the whole restaurant was booked for this party.

It started around 8 + where a buffet line of food was served for us, Monopoli sessions were going on and also the camwhoring of the camwhorers were going on all around the restaurant.

I shall start with the pics:

The Buffet Line


Michelle looking extra seductive=)

The Birthday Cakes

birthday boys
The Birthday Boys

cutting cake
Cutting of Cakes

Group pic
The whole group picture


Half a card was given to each one of the people present at the party. The cards were to be used for the Lucky Draw where awesome prizes were given out to the winners :) I've got an awesome tie from it! =D

and as the party went on, It was mainly drinking and camwhoring session amongst the people!

A whole line up of pictures:

group pics 1
Amanda & Hitomi - Jason & Alex

people 4
Amanda - Marilyn

people 2
Jacquelyn & Alex - Amanda & Evelyn
Marilyn & Victoria - Evelyn

Jason & Mich
Scandalous Jason =D

People 1
The Birthday Boys - Angel & Jacquelyn
Michelle - Marilyn

Group Pic
Another scandalous Picture!

after all the drinks, Jeremy got a little crazy dancing around while we encouraged him to drink more!


Jeremy drinking
Down boy down!

and at the end of the night:

Yeah he was totally wasted!

It was an awesome night filled with fun! Thx Jason for organizing it and for all the lovely people who attended to make it happen!

ps: Jeremy was so drunk he couldn't run for the Nike 10km run for the Nike 10km run the next day! haha


Mike Yip said…
LOL That Jeremy FFK everyone at Nike10... even for breakfast! :p
Samuel C said…
haha he totally ko adi mahh