Mark's place 2nd Anniversary

Marks place

Mark's Place at Plaza Kelana has celebrated its 2nd anniversary since its opening. So basically there was food and a free flow of beer served throughout the event. So a number of bloggers attended it and supposed to blog about the event. but sad to say, I totally hated the event

It was Unorganized and not prepared well seriously. A big disappointment for me and I can say its a total waste of time for me.

So lets go through the number of things that weren't satisfying that day:

1st: A door gift which is a box was given. And now to think of it, what the heck is that box for? It doesn't serve any purpose for us

2nd: There were not enough tables and chairs for the attendees.

3rd: Not enough food for attendees and portioning was very small. And the best part is, some tables had food while the other tables didn't have food at all! (including my table)

4th:The BBq was terrible as the lamb I've got from the grill was totally burnt

5th: Service by the service crew was terrible

So lets just head to the pics:

Registration Counter
Registration counter


Chicken Wings
Grilled chicken wings

The door gift which i have no idea whats the purpose of an elongated box.

shitty lamb
This is the Burnt lamb I've got and the best part is, when i asked for 4 pax, this is all he gave. fantastic right? really fantastic!

but well at least there were the bloggers which still managed to keep my smile on

Victoria and I

Samantha, Feeq and I

I left early since the service was so terrible. One of the worst events I've ever attended seriously! You guys better get your game if i ever come back in the future!