I freaking hate leeches

Just a short update:)

Joshua, Alex and I headed over to Bukit Cahaya Agricultural Park where there is a fishing spot over there for us. As usual we just laid back, relaxed and tried to fish but the bad part is the best spot for fishing was unavailable.

So anyways since I got bored, I headed to do some jungle trekking to find another lake while the other two were saying the trail was too "dodgy" and didn't do so. After an hour of walking throughout the jungle I came back, and realized I was bitten all over by leeches. so hrmm yeah I was bleeding all over JOY!

So yeah the bleeding didn't stop for quite a while and yeah i'm scarred all over JOY!

anyways we also visited the Fish nursery there, and hell yeah it was nice to see those fish attack the bread

Okays so I hope you enjoyed this post ;) And beware of leeches! LOL