Hugo Boss at Zouk KL

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss Bottled Night was held at Zouk KL where a new fragrance for men was released. The Theme of the night was black and there were plenty of VIPS and the rest of the crowd dressed in occasion with the event. It started at 7.30pm where the registration was held outside of Zouk and there were plenty of people getting their pictures taken by the camera men/paparazzis at the Hugo Boss backdrop.

Myself with the backdrop

Group pic
The bloggers

Shannon, Myself, Coco

Coco, Ken, Shannon, I
Coco, Ken, Shannon and I

As the event started, We had our famous emcee which is none other than Xandria Ooi to commence the event. Pretty and sexy in nature, She got the crowd hyped up and pumping for the night


and with videos on how the new Hugo Boss bottled fragrance came around, The Country Manager stepped up on stage to tell us what is the new fragrance all about

Country Manager
Hugo Boss Country Manager

After all the talks were over, The mingling session commenced and there was a Live Jazz Band which serenaded the night with their seductive and awesome songs.

Jazz Band

The band members

The free flow and live band came to a stop at 10am where the DJ went onto the decks to spin the music while the clubbers started pouring into Zouk to make the club more happening

Group pic 2
A group shot of the bloggers

Group pic 3
Another group shot of other bloggers

Group pic 4
Samantha, Kelvin, Chloe, Serge and Myself

Other peeps and Victoria in the last picture


Hugo Boss was awesome enough to give the media and bloggers a bottle of perfume each while the other people were able to get samples and also vouchers for the new Hugo Boss bottled fragrance.

Just wanna say thank you to Hugo Boss & Sin Mei for an awesome night!


Lyle Gogh said…
holy moses. I actually look good here.

*perasan besar*
Victoria said…
Eh, one picture with you and I HAVE to look else where -.- Must be Ken who asked me to looked at his camera and I thought you too looked at his.

Serge, you looked good cause Sam has an expensive camera?! LOL! Teehee! xD
Samuel C said…
Serge: hahaa love me brother love me!

Vic: ahh i think i compiled the wrong pic LOL make you look dumb =) HAHAHA
Evelyn G. said…
this is so cool to get a Hugo Boss!
Samuel C said…
Yenniedoll: yeah =) one bottle