Energizer: Beam Into The Future!

Energizer has always been known as the world's best battery in terms of lifespan and quality. Even though yes it is a bit more expensive compared to the other brands, It has always lift up to our expectations and never let us down. On the 8th of October at Zouk's Mainroom, Energizer has launched something tremendous which is the start of something better!

The Emcee of the Day

Energizer introduced a new line of batteries with Energy Power Seal Technology and also introduced a new brand image, The Energizer Energy Beam! continuing with explaining what it is all about, introducing:

managing director
Mike Foong, Managing Director of Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd.

Energizer Energy Beam symbolises where "Energy, Technology and Freedom" meet! He also said "The Energy Beam represents the connectivity, progression and innovation that go into every single Energizer product, making them the choice of discerning consumers who demand no less."

Energizer Energy Beam Launch also showcased new performance improvements for the battery range of Energizer Max Alkaline Batteries. Now incorporated with Energizer's new Power Seal Technology which increases battery power up by 20% as well as Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries which now allow digital camera users to shoot up to 680 shots compared to 600 shots previously.

Continuing with this event, Introducing:

Brand manager

Joshua Leong, Brand Manager of Energizer Malaysia Sdn Bhd tells that there will be more out-of-the-box consumer and trade activities lined-up for the upcoming months and you can expect Energizer to be exciting, lifestyle-driven and to "keep challenging, keep winning!"

Half way when Joshua was explaining, A team of paintballers appeared out of no where shooting in the dark, which we then found out on what activities are lined up for Energizer!


Joshua then introduced, Energizer Night Strike! Malaysia's first night paintball tournament which will be held January next year. Unlike other night paintball games, The Energizer Night strike features seven-minute-speedball rounds incorporating a "capture the flag" scenario. played completely in the dark with only ultraviolet (UV) lighting and glow in the dark paintballs to complement Energizer's new Energy Beam image!

Players and spectators stand to be treated to a visual feast of neon colours, fast paced action and adrenaline as the glow-in-the-dark pellets, uniforms and props whiz away at the night event!

We can expect Energizer to pump up the energy for the events to come!

So as the event came to an end, There were just photo taking and also the Q&A session for the Media :) And the best part is, Energizer was generous enough to give out gifts for the early birds & lucky draw! The items in line were:

Early Birds:
10 Philips DVD players

Lucky Draw:
1 iPad
5 Canon Powershot Camera
10 Energizer Goodies

group pic
Group photo

Energizer Girls

A book light I've received from the lucky draw!

So i wanna say, Energizer is bringing it on! for the activities to come! and thanks for the awesome day at Zouk!


renaye said…
the emcee looks familiar. can't remember where i have seen her.
Samuel C said…
hahaa i forgot her name too LOL