7aste Monte Carlo at Ecoba


7aste Monte Carlo at Ecobawas an extraordinary event where we were treated as VIPS throughout the night with performances and drinks to accompany us by the side. Invited by Xiang to go for this event, There were already 3 bottles of Sparkling Wine ready for us as we stepped into the place. The event was free for members of 7aste.com while it was charged at RM77 for the rest who werent members.

The best part is getting to know a lot more new faces while getting a free flow of drinks by ths side. and of course, meeting those who I haven't met in a long time.

So i shall just go straight to the pics as there are plenty!


The crowd

Game Station
7aste Girls

Group pic

Camwhore picture with some bloggers at the beginning of the event

DJ in the house!

Sparkling Wine (if you're gonna ask why its not call champagne, Only Sparkling wines from the region of Champagne, France can be called so)

A toast!

And now will be the pics of most of the people:

Xiang, Diana & Foo - Henry
Victoria & Samantha - Samantha,Chloe & Dusty

Friends 5
Faizal & Kelvin - Samantha & Reiko
Yin Shi - Chun

Friends 1
Jessica - Diana
Shannon - Simone

Foo, Diana & Xiang - Yin Shi & Cai Jin
Tian Chad & Nicole - Samantha & Reiko

Friends 2
Vincent - Adrienne
Reiko - Kelvin, Faizal & Diana

Team Fridays
Team Fridays

Group pic 2
Vincent, Summer, Simone & Myra

People 1
Jia Yeen - Diana & Foo
Kate & Diana - Victoria, Simone & Vincent

Group pic 3
Victoria, Samantha, Reiko & Kelvin

People 2
Victoria, Samantha & Simone - Chloe
Michelle - Summer, Simone & Myra

and the last pic is an Epic Pic:
Simone and I


So anyway it was a great event as there was plenty of catching up to do and I can't wait for the next 7aste!