Sunday, October 31, 2010

RIP Sheeba


My dog had a tragic death,

when i walked outside my house, i found her body inside my fish pond with the fountain pot inside the pond. I would only assume that she got frighten of something which is most probably the fireworks that were being blasted by other people, slipped inside the pond, and as she was trying to get out, she hit the fountain pot and it fell on her making her unconscious and she would have drowned.

I would blame the idiots that blew up the fireworks but it was still a freak accident. Even though i fenced up the porch and pond area she still managed to get in.

lastly i blame myself as I could have been there to pull her out as i could see she only died within the last 30 minutes as her body was a bit warm and still soft

Goodbye Sheeba

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Final Hennessy Artistry at Mines!


As the title says it all, The Final Hennessy Artistry took place at MIECC, Mines Resort. The whole convention centre was used to display the various mixing zones of Hennessy and also to showcase the artiste involved on stage!

You can check out on the Artiste involved HERE and you can check out on the Press Conference HERE

The night started at about 9pm where the crowd started pouring in, registering and heading into the mixing zones! It was estimated about 5,000 people were present at the event and all had 1 goal in their mind, To have a great night with Hennessy Drinks and also to enjoy the artiste that will be performing that night!

I shall just head to the pictures of the night:

Victoria and I at the Hennessy Backdrop

Group pic 1
A Group picture with some of the bloggers

DJ Eva T
DJ Miss Eva T spinning at the mixing zones

The Mixing Booth where the attendees can attempt mixing their own Hennessy Drinks!

A Group picture with the Hennessy Frames at the mixing booth
Myself, Victoria, Simone, Kah Wai & Vincent

The MIECC Hall. You can see how big it is!

Hennessy Drinks that is on free flow the whole night!

Group Pic 2
Shannon, Alicia, Leonard, Victoria and I

Friends 1
Kate , Victoria

Friends 2
Thong Kai & Victoria, Li Kee

and here are some attempts of doing the duckface LOL :
Friends 3
Simon & Victoria, Victoria & Victoria
Victoria & Jackie, Calvin

So as the night went on, Sarah Lian & Henry Golding were the Emcees for the night and the party started with the artiste performing on stage which brought the whole house down! And with an awesome crowd cheering the artiste on, It was definitely a spectacular night!

Henry Golding & Sarah Lian
Henry Golding & Sarah Lian

The First Artist for the event was:

Deja Voodoo Spells!
Deja Voodoo Spells 2

Deja Voodoo Spells

Deja Voodoo Spells is a 3 man band which started the party with their rock songs and also covers of other popular songs!

The 2nd Artist that took the stage after Deja Voodoo Spells is none other than:

Mizz Nina
Mizz Nina! The Queen of R&B in Malaysia! with her hit single, What you waiting for!

The awesome crowd cheering!

Done with the local acts, It was time to pump up the volume! And coming all the way from Taiwan is:
Da Mouth
Da Mouth!

With 4 totally different group mates from different backgrounds in Da Mouth, I would really say that their songs were spectacular and it totally got the crowd pumping and cheering them on!

And what more when you get to see Aisa up close:

Aisa from Da Mouth
She's Japanese, She can sing, she can dance and is so damn pretty!

Aisa from Da Mouth
You can see how the crowd responds to her!

After a whole total heart pumping performance by Da Mouth, Its time we go to Canada as Kardinal Offishial was in the house! With one of the most famous songs "Dangerous" with the collaboration with Akon, Everyone knows Kardinal as the Ambassador of Hip Hop in Canada!

Kardinal Offishial 2
The Stage rotated and he came out with a Honda Superbike

Kardinal Offishial
Kardinal Offishial!

The night went on with a superb DJ, which is DJ Alex Dreamz from the USA and the party went all night long! As for me, I finally got myself to dance with ze Victoriaand enjoy the night out.

I shall just end this post with a few more pictures:

Group Pic 4
Another Group picture

and the last group picture:
Group Pic 3
Jackie, Ken, Jacquelyn, Alex, Victoria and I

Its sad to say that Hennessy Artistry is over for this year, But well I'm gonna look forward to next year's Hennessy Artistry!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hennessy Artistry Press Conference at MIECC, Mines

Well everyone has been getting ready for the last Hennessy Artistry Party of the year and it is held at Mines Convention Center Today! It is going to be such a blast where Artist such as:

Kardinal Offishial
Da Mouth
DJ Alex Dreamz
Mizz Nina
Deja Voodoo Spells
Foulworks ft Ms Eva T!

If you would like the complete details of the line up, Visit HERE

So as for me, I managed to go for their Press Conference with other fellow bloggers & media on Friday and get a glimpse of what is installed for us today! Em Ceed by Owen Yap & Sarah Lian, We got to know more on the artiste that will be performing and also we got to know about the France Manager of Hennessy which did a few demonstrations about Hennessy Drinks

Lets just head to the pictures:

Victoria and I
Victoria and I at the backdrop

Hennessy Booth

Hennessy Drinks
Hennessy Drinks

HA girls
Hennessy Artistry Girls

Owen Yap & Sarah Lian
Owen Yap & Sarah Lian em cee-ing the event

France Manager
Hennessy's France Ambassador demonstrating a few mixtures

Get your party mode ready for the whole night as this are:

The Artiste that will be performing tonight!

Kardinal Offishial
Kardinal Offishial!

DJ Alex Dreamz
DJ Alex Dreamz!

As the press conference came to an end, There were just some photo takings with the bloggers:

friends 1
Edwin & Xiao Tong - Kelvin, Shannon, Victoria & Jason

friends 2

and last but not least:
Bloggers pic
A Big ass group picture!


Friday, October 22, 2010

Sonya's Convocation

Well as some of you know, I headed up to Sungai Petani, Kedah a week back to attend my sisters convocation. She has finally graduated with a degree in medicine at AIMST University. It was a pretty big event as this is the 3rd convocation at Aimst and there were more than 200 students graduating with various degrees/diplomas at the same time.

So as for me, I'm very proud of you finally you've graduated and You can finally get on with working life and get out of my house LOL HAHAHA =D OMG i'm such a mean person LOL

So i'll just head to the pictures:)

Aimst University

Plenty of stalls selling gifts for the graduates

convocation ceremony
Convocation Hall

mom & dad
Mom & Dad

sonya receiving her scroll
Sonya receiving her scroll


sonya and i
Myself with Sonya

family pic
Family pic :)

So now, GET A JOB! =D and i'll have the house to myself =D *winks*

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ewern & Priscilla Random shoot

A short update. During Priscilla's Birthday, I randomly took some pictures of them and yeah:) I'm just posting em up for the fun of it :)

Priscilla and Ewern

And the rest of the photos would be Ewern:





Tell me what you think about it :)