Sakae Sushi with Elizabeth


Meet Elizabeth:) also known as Liz, Lizzy, Eliz and everything in between. Believe it or not, She is one of my childhood friends which i recently reconnected with her last year via Facebook =) Wonders of Facebook huh? and the best part is, our mothers are friends too! haha

Liz is a short, petite, cute looking girl which is shy yet crazy in nature. A friend to last and a friend to cherish. But the sad part is, She has already left for UK to continue her studies in Law. And this is the last dinner i had with her before her departure. (man i sound like i'm writing another testament in the bible LOL)

So anyways we had our last dinner (LOL Again) at Sakae Sushi, Subang Parade as she wanted to get the best of Japanese before she heads there. With some food and lots of catching up for the last time before she heads there, It was a great deal of fun and laughter that will be missed for a few years.

So lets just get to the pictures ;)

tempura udong
My Tempura Udon

gyu don buri?
Her Gyu Don Buri

Elizabeth and I
Elizabeth and I

So well as you head there, Make sure you take care of yourself and have fun kay sweetie? and remember to MSN and update me! =) Loads of love! xoxo

Elizabeth and I
This one is a keeper :) xx