Mervyn's 20th Birthday

Striking the 24th of August, It was finally the birthday of one of my beloved batangs, Mervyn Tham. Its a sad fact that Eunice ain't here to celebrate it with him as she is currently training in France but however, It didn't stop the rest of us to throw him a birthday celebration.

It was only left Me, Charlie, Chung and Chin Tong as the rest were pretty busy or either they're far away for their training and it was a guys night out as the girls ffk-ed :) And since it was Tuesday, We headed over to Swensons at Subang Parade as it is EARTHQUAKE DAY. Man you know how much i love earthquakes =)

So as Swensons had some offers for their food packages since it is the Ramadhan Season, We just ordered a hell lot of food to satisfy our tummies;)

Bbq Chicken
Bbq Half Chicken with potatoes and mixed vegetables

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

Cheese baked beef rice
Cheese Baked Beef Rice


Fried Shrimps
Fried Shrimps


So as the time came, We brought out the birthday cake and Mervyn was surprised as he thought it would be just all food that night. He was rather shy and asked us not to sing, But well, as usual, We sang at the top of our lungs and nearly the whole restaurant was looking at him while he tried to hide his face LOL

Tiramisu Cake
Tiramisu Cake


Tiramisu Cake being torn apart
Yeah thats how we enjoyed the cake :)

So anyway, Once again, Happy 20th Birthday Mervyn! You know we love you :)


Sealkazz said…
hungry . . . it looks so delicious ~_~
Samuel C said…
Alethea: hehe :) <3

Sealkazz: hehe yeah it is :)