Mayflower at Matta Fair Part 2: Cruisers & Foosball contest

Continuing from the previous post, The highlights of Mayflower at Matta Fair would be the foosball contest and also 98.8fm cruisers which stopped by. Both the foosball contest and 98.8fm cruisers attracted quite a crowd as everyone was trying to get their hands on the goodies that they were passing out.


As for the foosball contest, There were prizes such as Rasamas Vouchers, Sakae Sushi complimentary coupons, Aster Spring's Express Facial vouchers and other Aster Spring vouchers. The rules were simple, whoever manage to score 3 goals first will be awarded as the winner

pictures up ahead:


Players at action!

Dribbling the ball

Some of the professionals

The winners of the contest

98.8fm cruisers

As for the 98.8fm cruisers, I only managed to capture the girl cruiser's name which is Karen, and there were another 2 male cruisers with her. They came about 12pm, set up their car and it started with plenty of activities by them

It was mainly Question Answer session where the cruisers asked questions while the crowd was given the chance to answer. And it was so good as the prizes given were completely awesome and there was a total of 133 prizes for 65 winners!

prizes 1

prizes 2

Some of the prizes were:
- Key Chains, Food Vouchers and Souvenirs from different countries
- 6 x Saint Beauty RM100 cash vouchers
- 2 x Aster Spring Facial Vouchers
- 6 x Starbucks Vouchers
- 10 x RM100 Mayflower Travel Warrants
- And lots of other prizes

And the main prizes were:
- 5 x 2D/1N Best Western Marina Island Resort, Pangkor Island
- 1 x 20gm 999 Fine Silver Coin sponsored by Singapore Tourism Board

So i shall start up with the pictures:

The 98.8 fm cruisers

Karen and the other cruisers

crowd 2
The crowd

crowd 1
Question Answer Session

crowd 3
Put your hands up!

One of the participants

silver coin
The cruisers showing the silver coin which was up for grabs.

The main challenge for this prize was to spin the hoola hoop for 20 consecutive rounds. It was hard as it was made out of plastic, Many gave a try on it but only 1 managed to do it right!

hoola hoop
A participant in action

silver coin winner
The winner of the silver coin!

The group photo of winners

It was awesome day with the cruisers and the foosball challenge as it could be said as an easy win for the participants and Mayflower has been really generous on the prizes they've gave out. Can't wait for the next event!