Mayflower at Matta Fair Part 1

The Mall

The Mayflower 50th Anniversary Sale happened on the 2nd-5th of September 2010 at The Mall, Opposite PWTC. It was a tremendous event as the prices were so affordable and you can travel nearly anywhere without burning your pockets with the packages they have put together. You can check out the rates they were putting at my older post HERE

The sales were held from 10am-9pm daily and the crowd built up day by day as the sales went on. Mayflower had so much to offer on their packages such as 3x treatpoints with Maybankard, Further rebates for Maybankard Members, Free gifts, Top Spender Rewards, Mini Group Savings, Free Travel Insurance, Free Airport Transfers, Guaranteed Room share for single traveler and save up to RM1000 per couple on selected products!

There were also a lot of events held such as the Charity Auction, The foosball contest and the 98.8 cruisers came over to the Mayflower Sale as well! As for this post, I'm just going to put up some pictures of the event. Will cover the 98.8 cruisers and Foosball competition in the next post :)

Here comes the pictures:

The Entrance to The Mall

Mayflower Booths

Payment booths
Mayflower Flight Booths

Japan T Shirt
Japan T Shirts as gifts when you purchase a Japan Trip

Mayflower Brochures

The Brochures

Mayflower Auction
Mayflower Auction

The bids started at RM1 and all proceeds collected was donated to a Shelter Home. The packages to be auction were:

1x Return air ticket to Europe on Oman Air
2x Return air tickets to Tianjian on Air Asia X
5x 2D1N stay at Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa, Terengganu
5x 2D1N stay at Firefly Park Resort, Kuala Selangor
2x 2D1N stay at Legend Resort, Cherating

Brochure Stand
Customers Checking out the packages at the brochure Stands

Consultants with the customers

consultants 2
consultants tiled
Getting to know the trips better

payment booths tiled
Customers inquiring and paying for the packages

I can say that it was a successful event as it is a win-win situation for both customers and Mayflower. Stay tuned for the next post on the 98.8 cruisers and foosball contest!