Flying Kites at Morib Beach

Since the holidays had started, I've been a pretty free man doing random things. I was randomly called out by Ed Vinn & Elaine to fly kites at Kota Kemuning. but the harsh reality was, there were no one flying kites there on that day and it was pretty windless over there.

So in the end our other options were to go Gombak which is quite far. and suddenly a genius thought came into our heads that we should go to the sea which will definitely have wind to fly our kites. and the nearest beach would be Morib which was about 45 minutes away.

We drove towards Morib via the Kesas Highway and Banting, and finally reached to see plenty of people flying kites there!

Shall head straight to the pictures:

morib beach
Morib Beach (taken at night thats why its dark)

Elaine with her kite

ed vinn
Ed Vinn releasing his kite into the air

A candid shot. Me Like!

Somehow i like this picture. Its as if "If only i could fly as high as the kite does" HAHA

The kites in the sky

Elaine and I
Elaine and I

Nibbling on a ball. Man that sounds so wrong! LOL

A random video

and as the evening came to an end, there were the sunsets which were so beautiful that we could just look upon.


How lovely it is

Ed Vinn, Elaine, MYself
our last group pic

So tell me what have you done that is random? Try flying kites!