DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Nuffnang and Digi are organizing another contest where an Iphone 4 is up for grabs! It is a blogging contest where there would be a different subject to blog about for 4 days. For more details, you can check out the website HERE to try to get hold of the Iphone 4 yourself!

As everyone knows, The Iphone 4 is the latest Iphone from Apple and it is packed with new features compared to the Iphone 3GS. So tell me who doesn't want to get hold of the latest technology in your hands? and to what extent would you go for it?

So as for the 1st blog post for this contest, Its is mainly Why you would want an Iphone 4 from Digi

As for me, I would totally want it based on a few reasons.

The Main Reason is, I have a very old chunky phone which is quite outdated. And always wanted to go for something more exclusive such as the Iphone 4.

And the let me show the next few reasons would be with the pictures:


The Iphone 4 is much slimmer and lighter compared to the Iphone 3GS and definitely it is compared to other brands! And with a better touch screen and battery life, Of course i definitely want this phone!


The Iphone 4 has new awesome features which is:

Face Time: I can finally video call my friends with an Iphone!

Retina Display: I can experience the most Sharpest, Vibrant and Highest resolution screen and has 4 times the megapixels compared to the previous Iphone 3GS

Multitasking: I'll be able to multitask efficiently on all the applications without draining the battery life

HD Recording: Everyone is going for High definition nowadays in terms of Quality. equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and built in LED flash, This is now possible with an Iphone!

Now Thats the features i would love in a phone and hence, The Iphone 4 is just the phone for me!


Digi comes with the Best plans for the Iphone 4where it is affordable and it is unlimited! Tell me which other telco would give me a better plan compared to this? So definitely I want the Iphone 4 by Digi as it'll serve me for a long time and I would be able to afford the monthly subscriptions!

last but not least, I want to say:

Digi, Always the smarter choice!


Henry Lee said…
wow... u should world for DiGi's business marketing or advertising! XD
k.ienlam said…
OI DANG! HAHA! i've got competition!
Samuel C said…
Henry: hahaha you also boleh lahh..your post is awesome too LOL

Kienlam: LOL theres a lot of competition lehh HAHA