DiGi iPhone 4 Life

Digi Iphone 4 Life

well it has already came to the last blog post for this contest, And I'm really hopping to win this contest. And for the last post it'll be Digi iPhone 4 Life!

So what would come into a persons mind when it is said Digi iPhone 4 Life?

As for me i would think beyond the normal and I've got my inspiration from Carmen Cheong. here is a short film I've produced with my friends just for your viewing pleasure:


How did u like it? =) Write your opinions in the comment section :)

So anyways back to the main topic,

I would honestly say that yes, the iPhone 4G really makes life interesting and beautiful, as I can say for myself that it'll enhance the iPhone 4G's owners life!

iphone 4 features

With a 5 mp camera with HD recording, plenty of memories can be shot and storedwhich will enhance life itself in the end!

With a Retina Screen, Everything will be much clearer for the viewer!

With Facetime, We can connect with our family and friends easily!

and with proper Multitasking, programs will be runned much easier!

and of course not forgetting the other applications:


communication apps such as Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Msn and many more, Communicating would be so much easier!

So as for me, I would really say that Digi iPhone 4 Life is totally relevant and as for My last words before i end the final post on Digi iPhone 4, It will be:

Digi Iphone for me!
Digi iPhone 4 Me!

*crosses fingers*