Beer Factory

Well since my internship is finally over, We had our usual "Celebration" of the ending of working days. Finally 2 months of working at the Finance department and also the F&B department, Finally free for about a month as i'm having my holidays until the 10th of October. So yeah God knows what i'm gonna do this month WHEE

So anyway, There were only a few of us left as most have already zoomed back to their hometowns or are occupied with other things. So it was only left Me, Chung, Lisa and Mervyn. We actually planned of going clubbing but since it was only the 4 of us, we just headed for drinks at the Beer Factory at Sunway Giza, Damansara.

And i can really say its a nice place to chill out as the music ain't that loud, drinks are considerably cheap in price, but the only thing they lack is the number of toilets Pfft had to que up for quite some time

anyways so i'll just go straight to the pictures:

Group Pic
Us at the balcony

RM100 for 5 pints? Awesome!

5 pints/2 jugs of Hoegarden

Chung with his beers
Chung with his 3 Pints

Lisa and I
Lisa and I

Merv, Lisa and I
Mervyn Lisa and I

Smell our feet!

Group pic
and our last group pic

So it was really a great drinking night as it was so reasonable! and well the after effects of drinking are awesome as we got crazy at the carpark =D *lifeless*


What happen to the Sam that I knw from the sharing session??? LOL!
Gone are all the positive impression you leave on me. =P
Samuel C said…
HAHAAA i drink occasionally only la babe;) this was just for the end of internship haha :)

but i love wine though:)