Asaban Festival at Taylors University College

Taylor's Asaban Festival (TAF) was held on the 28th August 2010 and it was held at the MPH of Taylor's University College from 10am-7pm. TAF is an annual event and it is organized by the Taylor's Anime Society. The meaning of Asaban in Kanji is Asa (Day) and Ban (Night) and it represents the fusion of Japanese modern visual culture with traditional culture. It is the first to combine the elements of Anime, Comics and Games (ACG) together with Japanese culture - Matsuri (Japanese Festival) into a single event.

This event is organized for a few reasons, mainly to share the Japanese culture and create awareness of the Anime, Comics and Games being more than just fun and games for kids. and also to give back to our community as 50% of the profits were given to the Rumah K.I.D.S orphanage.

So lets get straight to the pictures:

The hall

Group pic
A Group pic of us

Yinying and I
Yinying and I

Fan - Art on Display

Anime Stuff
Anime stuff on sale


more Figurines

some of the traditional and new Japanese games

Some of the cosplayers:

Group of cosplayers

Cosplay 3

Cosplay 1

Cosplay 2

And last but not least:

Cross Dresser
A He-She in a Kimono *its said he always does this in this kinda events*

So anyways the event was a success with plenty of attendees and knowing more of the Japanese Culture. Once again, a big applause for the committee of the Asaban Festival!