Thursday, September 30, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

In life, Everyone is always looking for a plan which is most beneficial with the lowest and appropriate cost for it. And this doesn't exclude telephone bills either! But rumour has it, That Digi has the latest postpaid plans which is the most affordable of all!

Well is it true?

Yes it is! Digi now comes with the most affordable plans for the newly released iPhone 4! This has struck my interest deeply as now, I can finally afford the monthly packages as it starts from RM58 per month!

You can check out the packages below:


I love the latest plans by Digi as finally now because:

I can finally save money from expensive phone bills since it would only cost RM58/month!


I get FREE calls, sms and mms!

I get affordable prices after monthly free usage!

Internet is unlimited even after monthly quota!


I get cheaper rates to my Friends & Family!

I get Free calls, mms and sms to my supplementary lines!


and last but not least, I get flexibility on the 0% installment for 36 months!

What would you want more when you have an awesome plan such as this? I just wanna say:


Digi iPhone 4 rates are awesome and you better not miss your chance to get such attractive yet promising packages!

And if you're DOUBTING Digi on its coverage, Two famous bloggers namely Jessica Tan and Smashpop has already proven that Digi had better coverage compared to a competitor!

You can view Jessica's post over HERE and Smashpop's video over HERE

Monday, September 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Play

As in my Previous post, You have already known the existence of the Iphone 4 by Digi and this would be the 2nd post for this Quadruply. So as for this post, It is about which application is your favourite and why

So as for me i wont start off with "What application is my favourite" but "What i love to do". Then in the mean time, you can start guessing on which application on the Iphone is my favourite:)

So as for me, I like to play games which requires either eye and hand coordination, eye and feet coordination or any of the both combined. Speed and Accuracy would always be the main elements of the game and of course to accompany it, there is always Music by the side which will make it even better.

So without further to do, I would show you one of the things i love to do:

ddr 2

This is Dance Dance Revolution Machine. As you can see it requires footwork and also your eye coordination where we supposed to dance according to the steps that appear on the screen. I also like to play with the Para Para Paradise Machine which requires to me to use eyes, hands and legs all combined together to dance.

But the HARSH REALITY is, I can never afford to buy one of this machines as it is mega expensive and if i were to play this games on the Playstation or Playstation 2, The feeling differs and it doesn't have the original feeling of the real game. And to play at the arcade everytime will cost plenty of money

and the last option of Stealing the Dance Dance Revolution Machine from the arcade is:


Not an Option Literally!

So hence, I can never get to play with this games unless i'm in an Arcade.

So going to the next game which i like to play that requires Eye Hand Coordination is:



o2jam is an online game where players will use 7 keys on the keyboard and play according to the notes that appear on the screen. The level changes according to the difficulty of the song and also the speed of the song, Which you can already see, i'm quite a pro at it :)

But another HARSH REALITY is:

o2jam has finally ceased operation from the main online server as the players decreased in the years. And there it is only left with the private servers and private games where you can download by yourself.

And another part about o2jam that is not really good is:

park 1
I can't play it everywhere freely as I would have to bring my bulky laptop around


park 2

When battery runs out, There isn't many available power sockets to charge the laptop. As everyone knows laptop batteries run out in a few hours


so hence, I can't really play what i love to as there are so many obstacles to it!

so now comes the part where the Iphone 4 comes in! Now anyone can guess what application is my favourite?
Okay times up!So now i'm gonna tell u what application is my favourite on the Iphone!

It is none other than:

rock band 1

Rock Band is a game similar to the ones i love to play and it comes with a variety of songs and levels that i can play with. The best part is, It comes with 32 free songs!

rock band 2

I can even rock out solo or with friends on guitar, bass, drums or vocals to the most rock hits! So it can be a multiplayer game as it can be connected within 4 players via bluetooth where I can challenge my friends on Accuracy and speed!

So now you know whats my favourite Iphone application;) What is yours?

Friday, September 24, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

Nuffnang and Digi are organizing another contest where an Iphone 4 is up for grabs! It is a blogging contest where there would be a different subject to blog about for 4 days. For more details, you can check out the website HERE to try to get hold of the Iphone 4 yourself!

As everyone knows, The Iphone 4 is the latest Iphone from Apple and it is packed with new features compared to the Iphone 3GS. So tell me who doesn't want to get hold of the latest technology in your hands? and to what extent would you go for it?

So as for the 1st blog post for this contest, Its is mainly Why you would want an Iphone 4 from Digi

As for me, I would totally want it based on a few reasons.

The Main Reason is, I have a very old chunky phone which is quite outdated. And always wanted to go for something more exclusive such as the Iphone 4.

And the let me show the next few reasons would be with the pictures:


The Iphone 4 is much slimmer and lighter compared to the Iphone 3GS and definitely it is compared to other brands! And with a better touch screen and battery life, Of course i definitely want this phone!


The Iphone 4 has new awesome features which is:

Face Time: I can finally video call my friends with an Iphone!

Retina Display: I can experience the most Sharpest, Vibrant and Highest resolution screen and has 4 times the megapixels compared to the previous Iphone 3GS

Multitasking: I'll be able to multitask efficiently on all the applications without draining the battery life

HD Recording: Everyone is going for High definition nowadays in terms of Quality. equipped with a 5 megapixel camera and built in LED flash, This is now possible with an Iphone!

Now Thats the features i would love in a phone and hence, The Iphone 4 is just the phone for me!


Digi comes with the Best plans for the Iphone 4where it is affordable and it is unlimited! Tell me which other telco would give me a better plan compared to this? So definitely I want the Iphone 4 by Digi as it'll serve me for a long time and I would be able to afford the monthly subscriptions!

last but not least, I want to say:

Digi, Always the smarter choice!

Flying Kites at Morib Beach

Since the holidays had started, I've been a pretty free man doing random things. I was randomly called out by Ed Vinn & Elaine to fly kites at Kota Kemuning. but the harsh reality was, there were no one flying kites there on that day and it was pretty windless over there.

So in the end our other options were to go Gombak which is quite far. and suddenly a genius thought came into our heads that we should go to the sea which will definitely have wind to fly our kites. and the nearest beach would be Morib which was about 45 minutes away.

We drove towards Morib via the Kesas Highway and Banting, and finally reached to see plenty of people flying kites there!

Shall head straight to the pictures:

morib beach
Morib Beach (taken at night thats why its dark)

Elaine with her kite

ed vinn
Ed Vinn releasing his kite into the air

A candid shot. Me Like!

Somehow i like this picture. Its as if "If only i could fly as high as the kite does" HAHA

The kites in the sky

Elaine and I
Elaine and I

Nibbling on a ball. Man that sounds so wrong! LOL

A random video

and as the evening came to an end, there were the sunsets which were so beautiful that we could just look upon.


How lovely it is

Ed Vinn, Elaine, MYself
our last group pic

So tell me what have you done that is random? Try flying kites!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bruno Mars Cover

Another random cover, Hope you guys like it ;) its Dedicated to the Wednesday Gymnastic Peeps :)

Its not to say good as it was hard to do two instruments and compile it. Dont mind the crappy editing as you know i suck at this shit HAHA

Just The Way You are~

Sushi Zanmai with Fibbie

A Short Update, I've finally met up with Fibbie as she has gone for her National Service for such a long time. We decided to go to Sushi Zanmai at One Utama as yeah she loves Japanese food and can't get enough of it! It was awesome as i finally could catch up with her after all this while over a meal ;)

Introducing Fibbie:

Salmon Don
Salmon Don, Yeah i always order raw salmon as I love it! =D

Fibbie and I
Fibbie and I

After dinner we watched Grown Ups, quite a nice movie to say as it was filled with laughter and basically its all about family values. Totally loved hanging out and catching up with you babe!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Hennessy Artistry at Mist Club Bangsar


Hennessy Artistry in Malaysia has been going on for quite a while and now it has came to the 5th installment of Hennessy Artistry this year and it was held at Mist Club Bangsar. As for this time, There were only a few artist present and they were non other than Ze which is a Malaysian Electro-pop singer which made it big in the international stage, DJ Inquisitive which is a Singaporean World Class Turntablist and Battle DJ and last but not least, DJ Nesh which is the Resident DJ of Euphoria, Ministry of Sound

And of course with every Hennessy Artistry, There'll be the Hennessy Mixing Zones such as the Hennessy Mix Master where you can try on the turntables and create your own funky tunes, Hennessy Mixing Bar where you can try to mix your favourite Hennessy drinks, and the Hennessy Digital Light Art Effectswhere you create your own digital light effects with Henessy. And the best is, There'll be Winners selected and will be awarded Hennessy Bottles

DJ Nesh
DJ Nesh at the Hennessy Mix Master Zone

HA girls
Hennessy Artistry Babes

I headed over to Mist Club early and i brought Michelle Siew as my guest this time. We were greeted by the hosts at the registration booths, Got our VIP wristbands, checked out the booths and of course, take a photo with the Hennessy Artistry Banner

Michelle and I
Michelle and I


There was a Press conference with the artist at 7.30pm where we were able to know the artist better on what they do and also about their opinions Hennessy Artistry. And of course there was a Question Answer session where the members of the media were able to ask their questions towards them. And as the press conference came to an end, There was a Toast to Hennessy Artistry

Group pic

The Crowd started to pour in about 9.30pm and the whole club was filled to the brim with different people to enjoy an awesome party. Plenty were trying out the mixing zones and of course getting their photos taken like celebrities at the Hennessy Artistry Banner

Team Fridays
Team Fridays at the banner

The Crowd

And as for the start, It was the opening act which was none other than ZE to fill the club with her Electro Pop songs. And with Ze, were the group of dancers, Soulkrazybwhich were the
Top 7 from 8TV Battlegrounds to accompany her with her songs.

ZE performing

Cynthia of Soulkrazy

And after ZE was done performing, came up to the stage was DJ Inquisitive which also spinned music which was electro pop-ish, and slowed it a little down. But still it got the club going wild and getting the dance floor pumping

DJ Inquisitive
DJ Inquisitive on the decks

And as for the rest of the night, DJ Nesh took over the decks, spinning the club songs into motion, and there was plenty of mingling around with the crowd. As for the rest of the pics, Its mainly on the crowd, and if i didn't manage to put your picture in this post, I apologize and I'll post it up on Facebook soon:)

So let the photos begin:

Friends 1

Friends 5

Friends 2

Friends 3
Cynthia, Simon, Michelle & Jon, Wai Chun & Yin Shi

Friends 4
Joshua & Elle, Jackie & Sophia, Sarah & Victoria, Team Fridays Guys

And the rest of the peeps:
Crowd 1

crowd 2

crowd 3

crowd 4

crowd 5

So thats the end for this post, Can't wait for the final Hennessy Artistry!