Step Up 3!


Courtesy of Jason and Advertlets, I was able to catch the premiere of Step Up 3 except it wasn't in 3D sadly. So anyways, The movie is starring one of the all time favourite, Moose from Step Up 2. as he heads on to college life and coping with his studies and his passion for dance. As he joins the Pirates Dance team, He now has to put his priorities to dance to win their rivals, The Samurai. And the story goes on about dance, love and betrayal

I would say that the movie was great overall and would rate it a 7.5/10. Dance was of course the greatest part of the movie, Soundtrack for the movie was awesome with new hits, The plot was overall okay except that it was a bit predictable on what was going to happen. The part that was unsatisfying for me is that in the "world jam competition" There was only 1 dance battle which was not enough for me and they made it look as if The Pirates took it as an easy sweep over win.

But anyways overall it was great;)

So since there were a lot of bloggers there also, We were able to camwhore quite a lot as there was a lot of DSLRS everywhere snapping photos non stop. So here is my share of photos:

Samantha, Victoria, Myself
Samantha, Victoria and Myself

Zoeyve, Victoria, Jessica, Myself
Zoeyve, Victoria, Jessica and Myself

Chris, Michelle, Victoria, Myself
Michelle, Victoria and Myself

Dila and I
Dila and I

Afiqah and Myself
Afiqah and I. she is my smallest cheerleader flyer i had last time and she is Dila's sister

Last but not least:

Group Picture
The group picture by Advertlets

Wanna express thank you again for the movie premiere Jason and Advertlets;) I'm a happy man