Poison is Love!

Nearly everyone knows i'm a pool fanatic, and currently I am using a Fury NR-20 pool cue. But sadly since the heat has got to it as I've left it in the car for a day, the shaft became bent and well, it can't be curable. and a replacement shaft would cost me about RM200 if i buy it from USA and if to purchase it here, they taxed it up until rm500, so well, I've decided to get a new cue

So after surveying for quite some time, saving up and collecting my money from the people who lent it from me, I've finally decided to settle for Poison. Poison is a brand under Predator which is a "cooler version" considered to the Predator and it suits the younger generation more ;) And after consulting with Boy from A-Cue Centre, I've finally got my Poison!

Look at the pictures below ;)

Poison can kill!

Poison AR-4
Poison Arsenic 4

Poison AR-4 Leather Grip
Weaved Leather Grip!

So yeah what i can say now is, Poison is LOVE! :) Pool anyone?


Unknown said…

That que stick is damn nice!!!

I see it, it poisons me now!

All is your fault SAM! XD
Mabel Low said…
Poison is love? Really? :O

And i thought it was the other way round... :P

P.s. : Your pic quality is damn nice!
Samuel C said…
Samantha: hahaaa xD u know i wanted to get something new also mah =P memang ur poisoned XD

Mabel: hehe yeah it is :) just for this occasion lol :) thx but actually have a lot to improve on the pics :)