Nuffnang Sharing Session at Modestos


From the previous preview i posted on Modesto's, This would have everything inside =) Nuffnang invited 20 bloggers from different places for a sharing session at Modesto's Capsquare. It was an exciting time as we were able to get to know more fellow bloggers and what they their lives are made of. And with us we had 2 celebrity bloggers which were KYSpeaks and Wei Zhi which is Nuffnang's June featured blogger.

Modestos is a very nice looking place which is more towards fine dining and casual dining at the same time. Theres also a bar with decent music where we could just chill at and the best parts are: It has a great wine/liquor variety and also there would be salsa music from 10pm onwards.
The fountain at Modestos

The sharing session was supposed to start at 7pm but well, as usual, Malaysian Timing and the traffic jams around the place, it started nearly close to 8pm. As the bloggers gathered, Robb organized an ice breaking session to know each others names where random names of us written on pieces of paper were stuck on our foreheads. We were supposed to ask "yes/no" questions to each other to get a clue on whos name is on our foreheads. and when we managed to find that special person stuck on us, a hug was given to each other:) now thats sweet!

Spectre and I
Spectre and I during the ice breaking session

As we got to know more of each other after the ice breaking session, Finally the moment all of us were waiting for, The food is served! Modestos gave a wide range of food for us to experiment on and it was more than satisfying! Another thing that caught my attention is how friendly the manager was and he explained every single dish clearly for our hearing pleasure

Modesto's Manager
The manager and I

So lets get to the food shall we?

Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Roles
Deep Fried Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Italian Tomato Bruchettas
Italian Tomato Bruchettas

Garlic Bread
Mediterranean Olives Bruschetta

London Style Crispy Duck
London Style Crispy Duck served with plum sauce, chilli oil and won ton skins

London Style Crispy Duck
London Style Crispy Duck (after carving) and it is eaten with won ton skins (it is like a popiah)

Pizza Margherita
Pizza Margherita with tomatoes, cheese and fresh basil

Pizza Tonno Funghi
Pizza Tonno Funghi with Tomatoes, Tuna and Mushrooms

Itallian Beef Carpaccio
Itallian Beef Carpaccio served with parmeson cheese shavings and olive oil (it is actually thinly sliced raw beef tenderloin)

Ravioli with Mushrooms
Ravioli with Mushrooms cooked with fresh cream and truffle oil

Unguini Modesto
Unguini Modesto, a seafood pasta cooked in foil (their specialty)

Pan Fried Salmon Steak
Pan Fried Salmon Steak served with red and pink peppercorn and finished with cream

Lamb Shank roasted with red wine & herbs
Lamb Shank Roasted With Red Wine and Herbs

Tiramisu Modesto's

Panna Cotta Alle Noci E Miele (Creamy pudding with walnut, drenched with honey)

Molten Chocolate
Tortino Al Cioccolato Con Gelato Alla Vaniglia (simply known as molten chocolate, or either chocolate brownies with vanilla ice cream)

Molten Chocolate Leaks!
As the chocolate leaks out! delish!

As the event came to an end, As normal bloggers/camwhorers, we started taking lots of pictures of ourselves and it didn't stop for nearly half an hour! Here comes the pictures!

Mandy & Pui San

Shin Dee & Jenn

Cherli and I
Cherli and I

Wei Zhi and I
Wei Zhi and I

CK and I
CK and I

Shin Dee & I
Shin Dee and I

Michelle and Cherli

Shin Dee, Mandy, Cherli and I

Group photo
The Group Photo of Us

and last but not least:

Cherli, Mandy, Michelle, Robb and I
A picture with Michelle and Robb

I wanna thank Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to eat and have a great deal of fun at the sharing session:) Can't wait for the next one to happen!


Simon Seow said…
Reminds me of KY's sharing session I went in Italiannies last year.
Simon Seow said…
Oh, not last year, it's end of 2008, 3rd Nuffnang Sharing session.
Samuel C said…
LOL that was so long ago LOL 2 years weihh HAHAHA
Unknown said…
wow nice pictures but i look meh :(