Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ninja Joe!

Ninja Joe

This would be a NON-HALAL post where i'll be talking about Pork :) So anyways i had the chance to check out Ninja Joe Restaurant at Tropicana City Mall. It is a small little fast food outlet located at the LG floor. And the main food product they are selling are PORK BURGERS! yeah surprisingly at a place like this, pork burgers do run fast over there! There would be a pretty long que to get your pork burger. Burgers are also known as NINJAS over there.

Ninja Joe
The Restaurant

Ninja Joe
Ninja Joe!

The burger is relatively small in size about 4 inch x 4 inch and the price starts at RM5.50. The more burgers/Ninjas you buy, the cheaper it'll be. The maximum number would be 6 ninjas and it'll cost you RM23.90. You can choose 6 different types of sauces for your burger which are: Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour and Spicy!

3 Ninjas
3 Ninjas

Another burger you can order would be "The Big Boss" It is bigger in size and priced at RM7.90 and you can top it up with an egg or cheese at RM 1 each. Other side orders would be such as their shurikens, shuko, tempura salad and fries. So if you have a chance, Give it a try!

As for me, I had 3 ninjas with a drink and fries. And i since i've only tried Teriyaki, Original and Black Pepper, I would say that the teriyaki and original flavor are the best amongst the 3:)

3 Ninjas
3 Ninjas

Ninja Joe Pork Burger
Pork Burger!

So if you have the chance, just give it a try! :) Make sure you're not Muslim as well aite?! I've already gave the warning on NON HALAL:)


Julian Gan said...

Wah, I've never seen any outlet in Malaysia selling pork burgers. Should be damn nice!

Victoria said...

I is very good cause I comment here instead of spamming your cbox so I deserve some hugs? LOLLL!!!

Lets pork burger again bie, this coming wednesday! Kaykaykay???

Gypsy On The Move said...

Is it good? I mean the burgers...If it is, I might give it a try..

Seraph said...

Julian: yeah u should give it a try ;) actually if u go to ttdi there are a few pubs that sell pork burger :)

Victoria: yes sure thing ;)

Shin Dee: yeah its quite good :)