Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Crumpler

All this while I've been using Xiang's Nikon Camera bag. And finally now, since Crumpler has just brought in the new shipment, Xiang has helped me buy a new camera bag :) and it is no other than the Crumpler 6 million series! And the best part is, it is a new colour that hasn't been launched in Malaysia yet!yay me!

Here is my new crumpler baby~
Crumpler 6 Million

Thx bro for helping me get it ;) you know me love youu =P HAHAAA

*hopes Victoria doesn't see this*


Victoria said...

wouldn't it scared the crap outta you if i were to be(memang pun!)the first one to comment than Xiang??

~ Xi@nG~ said...

oops, was late by 1 min to comment here to be first one xD
I love you too bro! xDxD

Victoria said...

2 minutes. Lol!
I sayang Xiang but I love Samuel =D
Fair much? =P

Seraph said...

LOL u both damn funny lol

Victoria said...

*Flicks hair*
*help Xiang flicks his hair too*

HenRy LeE ® said...

its a nice bag but i prefer the 7th, 8th or brazillian... HAHA! just go grab any colour in singapore surely malaysia dont have one.... so outdated~ sigh~

Like i said to Xiang, i still prefer thinktank for professional and rugged photo shooting activity :)

Seraph said...

Henry: LOL i just want a small bag :) 7 is a bit too big adi. and i'm not the person to bring my laptop around so brazilian is out HAHA :)

i still <3 crumpler =P