My New Air Cond!

Some may have realized that I've always been tweeting and ranting about my air cond. My previous air cond which is abot 10 years old kept on losing its coolness and becoming like a fan. I repaired it 3 times in 2 months and the problems kept on persisting, so hence at the end of the day, the repairman finally said, "I think its better you get a new air cond as if you repair it again, it might break down in a month or two"

So yeah i decided to take his advice and went to survey air conds. Headed to Pyramid and wow there were so many brands and designs. From the latest technologies of purifying the air, killing H1N1 virus, Saving electricity, ionizing the air, Whoa it was really a tough choice!

But in the end i settled down for a York Inverter, as i'm a loyal York consumer and the Inverter Technology is said to save up a minimum of 50% of energy usage. So i bought the air cond at Jusco and they said it'll be delivered within a few days.

Now, Here comes the best part, Those Jusco sales people didn't even check their stock and so on, and finally called me 2 days after i purchased the aircond saying "The York Warehouse don't have that stock anymore, so we suggest you to get Daikin Inverter." Well being me, I don't easily change my mind and wasn't very happy and asked when the next batch of stock will arrive. and they gladly said "SEPTEMBER" I mean like WTF? you expect me to wait that long? and you didn't even put the "Out Of Stock" thing on the display unit? GENIUSES i tell you GENIUSES!

Well this isn't the 1st time Jusco has let me down, Plenty of times actually and its mainly because of the "I don't care attitude" given by most of the staff. So anyways, I asked for a refund and headed back home.

On the way home, I spotted the Riccoh Air Cond & Engineering Sdn Bhd at SS 14. with the big signs outside the shop promoting PANASONIC & YORK. So I headed there to give it a try. It is run by a very nice family for about 30 years, and they were really polite and informative.

It was awesome as they had 2 York Inverters in hand so that means I was able to buy my York Air Cond! And the best part was, It was RM200 Cheaper than Jusco! I mean what luck right? It really made my day!

They came 2 days after i visited my shop and fixed up my air cond nicely in my room. So nows the time to show my new air cond!

York Inverter
York Inverter

York Inverter
Inverter Technology

Now i'm a happy man to have cool air and a brand new air cond ;)


Mindy said… room's aircond is york too..though mine is 2nd hand but still it functions well..n it cools down faster than other brands..
Henry Lee said…
cool... inverter, save electricity. I'll go for Panasonic for durability... york is very popular with 3 years using it and u can see lots of things tearing apart XD
Samuel C said…
Mindy: hehe yeah...loyal york customer HAHAAa <3

Henry: haha i only go for york as its just an air cond company. panasonic is good but it doesn't specialize in 1 thing.. anyways my old york lasted 10 years + :) my sisters one is nearly 15 years already HAHA
Soo Ling said…
darling, fyi, all the air cons in our house were fr SS14, haha.
Samuel C said…
mom: LOL now i know hahaa