Gym Time!

I've been heading back to my weekly gymnastics session at BB Gym, Sunway. Its been quite a while since I've attended the classes here and yeah i can say that i'm pretty rusty at all this. So anyways there were quite a number of my old gym mates which already left, and now there are new people here!

As for this week, some of my gym mates headed to Kota Kinabalu to climb Mount Kinabalu. So it was only left 6 of us over here. But well it didn't stop us from having fun!

have a look at the photos below ;)

Jumping towards a Front Tuck!

Front Tucking!

Back Hand Spring
Back Hand Springs!

Boon's X tuck

Wall twist
Boon's Wall twist

Attempting to Invert

Well thats all for this post. Totally love gym-ing with you guys! :)