Free Beer at Asia Cafe

Free Beer
Well as the title says it, There was a free beer event at Asia Cafe on 12th Aug 2010. It was organized by GAB Tiger Beer and there were 300 crates of Tiger beer to be given out. One of the reasons of this event is that, Tiger is promoting its new design of beers to us:)


The event was said to start from 5 to 7pm, but as the organizers were smart about Malaysian Timing, They limited it from 6-7pm as they knew that only those who were really interested would be there while the rest would come late. So as i reached there at 5pm, I met up with fellow bloggers such as Jessica, Dusty, Wen Pink, Suresh, Daniel and Simon.

Jess, Simon, Dusty and I
Jess, Simon, Dusty and I

Wen Pink and I
Wen Pink and I, Omg I look so buffed up

We had our dinner and the funniest part is when Simon ordered his drink. He ordered a Ice Tea and somehow it came a Ice Tea without sugar. Simon complained to the waiter and the waiter was such a dumbass, He went back and took a spoonful of sugar for Simon. WTF? i mean like, How do you expect to dissolve sugar in a Cold Ice Tea?
Teh Ais with a spoon full of sugar
Simon's Ice Tea with a spoonful of sugar

I felt smarter like 1000% already after seeing that. So anyways, We waited till 6pm where the free beer was to be given out and started que-ing up for the beers. Each person was given 4 cans of beer at a time and you can collect more by queing up for the next round:)

I'll start with the pictures
Free Beer Counter
Beer Counter

The Que
Being in the front of the que :)

The Que
The que behind us

Group Photo
Yunsin, Daniel, Myself

Bryan getting his beers

Twin Towers with Wen Pink and Jess
My Tshirt says it all! We managed to make the twin towers with the beers we got :) and I've got 2 girls to myself too =P

So anyways it was good as i managed to grab back 20 cans of free beer with an awesome new design:) Thx GAB Tiger for the free beer session!


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