Coins & A New Hard Disk

well as the Pikom Pc Fair was happening on the weekend, I was dying here to get a new external hard disk as my current one is practically full. Since i was short on cash, i finally decided to use all my "leftover change" which I've collected since December. and to my surprise, just the collection of 5 cents, 10 cents and 20 cents added up to about RM130! and that didn't even include the 50 cents!


So anyways i headed to the bank to get it all changed and yeah i can bet plenty of you don't know how a coin deposit machine looks like. So anyways I've recorded a video of how it works:

Finally Victoria helped me out by going to the PC Fair as i was busy with the Nuffnang Sharing Session and bought me a Hitachi external 1 TB hard disk for RM230!
Hard Disk
Hitachi 1TB hard disk

I can now finally store all the photos I've taken and I'm a happy man :) So what did u guys get from the Pc Fair?


Jackie said…
walao 1TB so cheap adi..tat 1 need power supply 1 rite?
Samuel C said…
Jackie: yeah :) but cheap lah i dont mind :)