Chong Qing Steamboat

It came another time where we had a gathering with our lecturers. Sadly most of the whole diploma gang is out for training at various places all over Malaysia, Singapore and also France. So there was only left about 10 of us out of 50 people.

So anyways, we headed over to Chong Qing steamboat at Mentari as normally Tasty Pot and Yuen Steamboat will be filled to the brim with people and we wont be having such an enjoyable time of catching up. And one specialty of Chong Qing steamboat is that it has a different soup *which i forgot the name* that is super spicy compared to the tom yum soup or the normal soup.

It was great as both lecturers, Mr Patrick and Ms Jasmine (both my F&B lecturers) were able to come and we had awesome catching up and alcohol to go on the side with the steamboat:)

Here are the pictures:


Geralyn, Chung, Mr Patrick
Geralyn, Chung & Mr Patrick

Charlie, Mervyn, Patrick, Lisa, Ms Jasmine
Charlie, Mervyn, Patrick, Lisa and Ms Jasmine. Mervyn's expression is epic!

Victoria, Geralyn, Chung
Victoria, Geralyn and Chung

Charlie and Mervyn
Charlie and Mervyn

Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick


Victoria and I

It was an awesome catching up session! the next one will be after our training aite guys? :)


Victoria said…
alrights! aku anytime onz! xP
Eh the last picture, my nose soo nice!! xPP