Sunday, August 29, 2010


On Sunday 2 Weeks ago, The MOFEW (Malaysian Online Fashion Entrepreneur Weekend) event was held at the Exhibition Hall of Mid Valley. It is where plenty of online blog shops opened their booths to display and sell what they are all about. There were plenty of Clothing lines, Shoes, Make up, Accessories and much more.

I was invited along by Xiang as I was supposed to collect my Crumpler Camera Bag and the Crumpler Camera Strap from him that day itself. And the best part of the day is, I brought my camera WITHOUT THE MEMORY CARD. FML. So in the end i had to buy another memory card as it would be a waste to go all the way there and not take any photos.

I reached the Exhibition hall a bit late but well there were still plenty of photos to be taken as there were so many people buying and walking around to check out what the blog shops are offering. And as for the event, There was also a catwalk done by Snips showcasing their makeovers and also their models based on specific clothing themes.

So lets start with the pictures shall we?

The blog shops

A Variety of Nail Polish



I bumped into Adrienne which was doing her blog shop booth which is called Skin Organics which sells skin care and beauty products based on organic substances. You can check out her website HERE if you're interested in some of the items below:

Adrienne and I
Adrienne and I

badger products
Badger Products

weleda products
Weleda Products

Weleda Products
Weleda Products

So as the event went on, There was a short speech done by the Snips CEO and the catwalking began! Here is the CEO and some of the models that day:

Snips CEO
Snips CEO

Snips Model

Snips Model 6

Snips Model 3

Snips Model 4

Snips Model 5

Snips Model 2

Snips Models
The Male Models

Snips Models

The Female Models

Snips makeover models
The Makeover Contestants

At the end of the day, There was a prize giving session based on the blog shops itself and 2 people managed to walk away with a Sony Alpha 230 and a Blackberry. Sorry i don't remember their names though.

Sony A230 Winner
The Sony A230 Winner

Blackberry Winner
The Blackberry Winner

The booths began to close as the event came to an end and I would say this is a really great experience to know the new blog shops in town and to also know how marketable it is this days. Wanna give a big clap to the organizers and also the blog owners for creating such an awesome event :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Step Up 3!


Courtesy of Jason and Advertlets, I was able to catch the premiere of Step Up 3 except it wasn't in 3D sadly. So anyways, The movie is starring one of the all time favourite, Moose from Step Up 2. as he heads on to college life and coping with his studies and his passion for dance. As he joins the Pirates Dance team, He now has to put his priorities to dance to win their rivals, The Samurai. And the story goes on about dance, love and betrayal

I would say that the movie was great overall and would rate it a 7.5/10. Dance was of course the greatest part of the movie, Soundtrack for the movie was awesome with new hits, The plot was overall okay except that it was a bit predictable on what was going to happen. The part that was unsatisfying for me is that in the "world jam competition" There was only 1 dance battle which was not enough for me and they made it look as if The Pirates took it as an easy sweep over win.

But anyways overall it was great;)

So since there were a lot of bloggers there also, We were able to camwhore quite a lot as there was a lot of DSLRS everywhere snapping photos non stop. So here is my share of photos:

Samantha, Victoria, Myself
Samantha, Victoria and Myself

Zoeyve, Victoria, Jessica, Myself
Zoeyve, Victoria, Jessica and Myself

Chris, Michelle, Victoria, Myself
Michelle, Victoria and Myself

Dila and I
Dila and I

Afiqah and Myself
Afiqah and I. she is my smallest cheerleader flyer i had last time and she is Dila's sister

Last but not least:

Group Picture
The group picture by Advertlets

Wanna express thank you again for the movie premiere Jason and Advertlets;) I'm a happy man

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Poison is Love!

Nearly everyone knows i'm a pool fanatic, and currently I am using a Fury NR-20 pool cue. But sadly since the heat has got to it as I've left it in the car for a day, the shaft became bent and well, it can't be curable. and a replacement shaft would cost me about RM200 if i buy it from USA and if to purchase it here, they taxed it up until rm500, so well, I've decided to get a new cue

So after surveying for quite some time, saving up and collecting my money from the people who lent it from me, I've finally decided to settle for Poison. Poison is a brand under Predator which is a "cooler version" considered to the Predator and it suits the younger generation more ;) And after consulting with Boy from A-Cue Centre, I've finally got my Poison!

Look at the pictures below ;)

Poison can kill!

Poison AR-4
Poison Arsenic 4

Poison AR-4 Leather Grip
Weaved Leather Grip!

So yeah what i can say now is, Poison is LOVE! :) Pool anyone?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Chong Qing Steamboat

It came another time where we had a gathering with our lecturers. Sadly most of the whole diploma gang is out for training at various places all over Malaysia, Singapore and also France. So there was only left about 10 of us out of 50 people.

So anyways, we headed over to Chong Qing steamboat at Mentari as normally Tasty Pot and Yuen Steamboat will be filled to the brim with people and we wont be having such an enjoyable time of catching up. And one specialty of Chong Qing steamboat is that it has a different soup *which i forgot the name* that is super spicy compared to the tom yum soup or the normal soup.

It was great as both lecturers, Mr Patrick and Ms Jasmine (both my F&B lecturers) were able to come and we had awesome catching up and alcohol to go on the side with the steamboat:)

Here are the pictures:


Geralyn, Chung, Mr Patrick
Geralyn, Chung & Mr Patrick

Charlie, Mervyn, Patrick, Lisa, Ms Jasmine
Charlie, Mervyn, Patrick, Lisa and Ms Jasmine. Mervyn's expression is epic!

Victoria, Geralyn, Chung
Victoria, Geralyn and Chung

Charlie and Mervyn
Charlie and Mervyn

Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick


Victoria and I

It was an awesome catching up session! the next one will be after our training aite guys? :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Gym Time!

I've been heading back to my weekly gymnastics session at BB Gym, Sunway. Its been quite a while since I've attended the classes here and yeah i can say that i'm pretty rusty at all this. So anyways there were quite a number of my old gym mates which already left, and now there are new people here!

As for this week, some of my gym mates headed to Kota Kinabalu to climb Mount Kinabalu. So it was only left 6 of us over here. But well it didn't stop us from having fun!

have a look at the photos below ;)

Jumping towards a Front Tuck!

Front Tucking!

Back Hand Spring
Back Hand Springs!

Boon's X tuck

Wall twist
Boon's Wall twist

Attempting to Invert

Well thats all for this post. Totally love gym-ing with you guys! :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Ninja Joe!

Ninja Joe

This would be a NON-HALAL post where i'll be talking about Pork :) So anyways i had the chance to check out Ninja Joe Restaurant at Tropicana City Mall. It is a small little fast food outlet located at the LG floor. And the main food product they are selling are PORK BURGERS! yeah surprisingly at a place like this, pork burgers do run fast over there! There would be a pretty long que to get your pork burger. Burgers are also known as NINJAS over there.

Ninja Joe
The Restaurant

Ninja Joe
Ninja Joe!

The burger is relatively small in size about 4 inch x 4 inch and the price starts at RM5.50. The more burgers/Ninjas you buy, the cheaper it'll be. The maximum number would be 6 ninjas and it'll cost you RM23.90. You can choose 6 different types of sauces for your burger which are: Original, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Oriental, Sweet & Sour and Spicy!

3 Ninjas
3 Ninjas

Another burger you can order would be "The Big Boss" It is bigger in size and priced at RM7.90 and you can top it up with an egg or cheese at RM 1 each. Other side orders would be such as their shurikens, shuko, tempura salad and fries. So if you have a chance, Give it a try!

As for me, I had 3 ninjas with a drink and fries. And i since i've only tried Teriyaki, Original and Black Pepper, I would say that the teriyaki and original flavor are the best amongst the 3:)

3 Ninjas
3 Ninjas

Ninja Joe Pork Burger
Pork Burger!

So if you have the chance, just give it a try! :) Make sure you're not Muslim as well aite?! I've already gave the warning on NON HALAL:)