Tekken is in the cinemas!


Tekken is finally coming to the cinemas! It is based on one of the best selling games, Tekken. Nuffnang is giving out movie premieres to this movie! You can see how you can get them here :)

So Anyways, Growing up with Tekken on the play station, The character that I've been attached the most to is to Eddie Gordo. He is a fighter who uses capoeira to fight which involves moves like breakdancing. He really stands out as he fights differently compared to any other fighter except Christy which is his master's daughter.


His story of being a great student to going to jail for honouring his father's wishes to be safe from the bad guys to becoming an awesome fighter is inspiring as he respects his father and also gets revenge for his fathers death after learning capoeira.

If you dont know what is capoeira, Have a look at this video to get a glimpse of it ;)

and for this movie,
Eddie will be played by Lateef Crowder which is a capoeira practitioner and i bet he'll suit the part most!

So well i cant wait to see Tekken! Get your invites now!