Subang Lake Shoots

Well as you can see, I have a new header and template:) This is the result of having some shoots at Subang Lake near Holiday Villa with Steven, Eunice & Andrew. We just finished our term finals and was rather bored. So we headed over to Subang Lake to just get some random shots :) And now you can see my new header which was taken over there ;)

The weather that day was really nice as it was cloudy with little sunshine. And of course in the evening, there were lots of people thinking what crazy shit are we doing as they were jogging around the lake

So anyways, I'll just proceed to the pictures that day :)

Subang Lake
Subang Lake Scenary

Subang Lake
Another mode

Dragonfly eggs
Apple Snail eggs

Andrew being himself in Bollywood


Steven, another D90 user

Eunice & Andrew
Oh so lovey dovey~

Eunice & Andrew
Another random shot

One of the violin shots

Dramatic effect!

last but not least:
Group Photo
A group picture:)

I hope you enjoyed the pics =)


Punk Chopsticks said…
LOl LOVE THE LAKE SHOTS!!! Hahaha too much caps on? Lol, forgot to uncaps, now i'm just lazy to retype (ironic much?)
~ Xi@nGCooL ~ said…
The last photos you and the red shirt guy hand seems like wanna hold each other xD