Motorsport Division part 1

Being a Blup-blup member, I was able to attend the soft launching of MSD located at No.38 Jalan PJS 11/7, Bandar Sunway. MSD stands for Motorsport Division which focuses on pimping up your rides! The modifications they're able to do are starting from core which is the engine to the looks of car such as the rims, body kit, seats, emblems, suspensions and so on.

So 50 Blup-blup members attended the event where there was light refreshments & of course a few awesome cars for the photoshoot. This post will be mainly on the body kits, the bloggers and the stuff at MSD. The 2nd post will be more about the cars :)

So i shall start with the pics of what MSD is all about:
Porshe GT3
The Porshe GT3 at the entrance of MSD *swoons*

Porshe GT3 Interior
The interior of the Porshe GT3

MSD logo
The MSD logo


Exhaust systems & body kits

Audi bumper
Audi Bodykits

suspensions & absorbers
Suspensions & Absorbers


So you roughly have an idea of what MSD is all about. So now to just see a few of the bloggers which i met that day :)

The cupcakes prepared

Victoria & I
Victoria and I

Suresh & I
Suresh and I

Vivien, Jackie, Victoria and Myself
Jackie, Vivian, Victoria & Myself

Stephanie, Dila & Myself
Stephanie, Dila & Myself

Justin, Xiang, Myself
Justin, Xiang and Myself

Stephanie & I

So this will be a preview of some of the cars at the workshop behind which will be mod up to become awesome cars in the future:)

Audi A4 & BMW 525
Hypertunes Boss Mr Murali's Audi A4 and BMW E92 3 series coupe

Audi A4
Mr Murali's Audi A4

Mercedes SL 55 by AMG
Mercedes SL 55 by AMG

Mercedes SL 55 by AMG
Kompressor V8!

The next post will come up in a few days:) stay tuned to find out what awesome cars were there!


Hey, do post it up soon. So i can decide the lucky 4! (: Btw, Mr.Murali's car is an E92 -3Series Coupe. Not 5 Series. haha. (;

Samuel C said…
Lee Sze: hehe yeah i will:) and thx for the info also :) i didn't really have a good look on the car so i thought it was a 5 series from the front LOL :)

I love Audi A4! XD

Hypertunes is an autocar mag, right?
its very different from 5 series T.T
Xiaopei said…
Why you all post this event so fast ga... >.<
Btw, nice to meet you there and, I want curi few pictures from you :D
Samuel C said…
Rolling: LOL just wait for my next post tomorrow ;) You'll c more awesome cars..yes hypertunes is a autocar mag ;)

Lee Sze: haha yeah i know..but i didn't really pay much attention to it as i was more interested in the other cars LOL

Xiao pei: HAHAHA i post cos i got nothing else to write mah =P wokays;) u shall curi LOL <3