Motorsport Division Part 3

From my previous posts, I went for the Motorsport division soft launch organized by blupblup. You can check it out HERE for the 1st post and HERE for the 2nd post.

So anyways for this post, This will be the 3rd and last installment which is on the cars driving down the road. Not a drag race but relatively fast and loud!

The cars used were the Porshe Cayman GT, Porshe GT3, BMW M6 and BMW 3 series coupe

So as i only took pictures of it, I had the help of Jackie to make it into GIF's and I hope you like it :)



I hope you like it :) and this will be the last post for the MSD :)


Punk Chopsticks said…
Ahahahhaah that looks awesome!
Where is it btw?
LOL I remember seeing this pathetic race in melaka once,had pimped up KANCILS (wtf) with turbo...
Samuel C said…
It was at Sunway :) cos there was a launch of a new automotive shop there :)

LOL and yes kancil's are a turn off once they start trying to race lol