mom's wedding

Well as some of you didn't know, My mom remarried with Uncle Michael Howard from Ireland. They were pen pals since they were 20 and lost contact for about 20 years. Somehow through the internet, my mom was able to find Uncle Michael's Son, Michael Howard Jr. And it all happened again after 20 years of losing contact.

So as for the wedding, It was a simple wedding reception and it was held at Holiday Villa Resort. Friends and Family from far and near came for the wedding. And for the 1st time, I became the father of the bride =.= as my mom's dad is already in a better place. It was abit weird giving my mom away to Uncle Howard. but anyways it went well.

So i shall start by displaying the pictures.

mom,uncle mike
Mum & Uncle Michael
family photo
with the family
mom,uncle mike
The Bride & Groom
The kiss
The Wedding Cake
A photo with the immediate family members
family members
With the whole family

So after the procession was over, It came to dinner time. Where it was a normal chinese kinda dinner. 8 courses and the champagne pouring etc etc

Pouring of Champagne
Four Seasons
Sharks Fin
Roasted Duck
The vegetarian Dish

i didn't take the rest of the food pics as the presentation wasn't there. So yeah :) as the dinner went on, so did the camwhoring sessions all over the restaurant.

Victoria and I
Audrey's Friends
Joshua and Esther
Charlie the Unicorn~
Charlie, Celestine, Victoria, Chung
Victoria, Celestine and I

So anyways my mom's wedding was great. just except one of Uncle Michael's son was sick and wasn't able to attend. So now there is a new couple in town! TEEHEE


Jess said…
awwwwwww. that's rlly sweet sammmmmyy!! :D nice to noe that u actually "gave away the bride" which happens to be ur mom.

sweet. no doubt.
cheers to the happy couple
Henry Lee said…
wow! i didnt know this... but anyway all the best to ur mum and ur new dad! ur mum looks young and hawt! im serious! :D
Samuel C said…
Jess: LOL yeah HAHA.. The pastor teased me like crazy. and they've left already for ireland

Henry: hehe thx man :) LOL yeah alot of ppl say that too LOL