Genting Trip with ze classmates

As our term ended for our degree, We're given 2 weeks of holidays till we start our industrial training on the 19th of July. So as most of us were pretty laid back and relaxed, some of us decided to head up to Genting for a vacation.

So the group consisted of Geralyn, Celine, Chung, Yew, Yen Wei, Henry, Celestine & Kah Wai. We headed up by the Genting Bus which only costed like RM5.50. But of course the price you pay is what you get. The bus driver was quite terrible as he took corners very fast and we felt as if we were swinging left to right on the bus.

We checked into Genting Hotel and headed out for lots of photo shoots since Yen Wei and I brought our DSLRS. Random poses and very crazy nutty sides of us came out ;)
Acting cute WTF?
Group Pic
Group Picture of Us
Butts yo!
Group pic
Near the bus station
*with the Dumex Cina Slang* FLOWERR
Celine & I
Celine & I
Geralyn & I
Geralyn & I
Kena captured while cleaning the lens. LESS PIMPLES! =D

So as the day went on, we decided to do a little rock climbing and hell yeah it was fun ;) Geralyn and I managed to climb the highest while the rest were stuck in between. And poor Chung couldn't climb as the harness couldn't fit him =(

Celine Rockclimbing
Celine Climbing up

and finally as it came to dinner time, This is the 1st time that i'm experiencing this in Genting. We brought up our own stove, our steamboat pot and all the ingredients and had a steamboat inside the hotel room! HAHAA *sue us if there was smoke coming out the window* HAHAA. It was a great experience and had a great time of fellowship while eating steamboat;)

Steamboat items
The food
Celestine getting ready the steamboat

And as the night came to an end, This is something nearly everyone does, We walked around First World Plaza to take more pictures and We went to STARBUCKS to just drink coffee and chill the night off:) yes tell me who doesn't just drive up to get Starbucks and breathe the cool air LOL
Spin baby Spin!
You Spin Me Right Round Baby Right Round!
Group Picture at First World
Another group picture

so as the night ended morning came, and..

*with Keshas tone*
Wake up in the morning with just funky hair~
Yew Awakening
Yew Awakening

It was overall an awesome trip and I'll soon be updating on another Malacca trip soon:) Stay Tuned


Victoria said…
LMAO!!! Yew's hair! xDD And you,Man, you photoshopped your picture? Or your face really has less pimples already?