Fruit Carving

Fruit Carving is one of the essential service which is used in fine dining restaurants and high class restaurants. basically you pay a whole lot of money just to have your fruits carved. It can either be done at the back of the house (kitchen or pantry) or either it will be a live show in front of the guest.

If you do it at the kitchen/pantry, it is much simpler as you just need to cut the fruits into desired shapes. but if you do it in front of the guest, Hygiene will be a factor, you must entertain the guest while carving, and also cutting sizes and shapes are limited as it is hard to do it with the hygiene factor always present.

So anyways, For this class, we used the "front of the house" fruit carving techniques so it is pretty limited to the styles and shapes we could produce. The fruits we used for the day were Watermelon, Kiwi, Dragon Fruit, Orange, Grape Fruit and Pineapple.

So here goes the pictures:
Service Gear
The service Table
At Work
Us at Work

after about 10-15 minutes, Here are the end results of what we have carved:

Chung's simple display
Chung's Fruit carving (this is the most basic that we can do)
Patrick's Display
Patricks Fruit Carving
Eunice Display
Eunice's Fruit Carving
Henry's Display
Henry's Fruit Carving
Lisa's Display
Lisa's Fruit Carving
My Display
My Fruit Carving
Joshua's Display
Joshua's Fruit Carving (the most elaborated)

So thats the end results of the carving:) Sry if the pics are not up to standard, my hands were very shaky that day after carving and there was no flash involved.


looks delicious enough! makes me feel like eating fruits now! heh
soo said…
nice. Yours looks like a fortress, hehehe
Kruzon said…
What I see you have done here is food preperation in its simplest but eye pleasing form but do not qualify as fruit carving.
Samuel C said…
Kruzon: it is still a form of carving as this is a gueridon fruit carving service which means it is to be prepared in front of the guest's eyes. This must be prepared in about 5-10 minutes on a trolley in front of a guest.

The fruit carving you're talking about would be done at the kitchen/back of the house which takes a much longer time and is much more difficult and more elaborate in design :)