Audrey & Mom's Departure

In my previous post, My Mom & Uncle Mike got married. if you haven't read it yet you can do so HERE. So as for the next step in their marriage, My mom and sister are migrating to Ireland. If you're wondering why i didn't, It is because my education there will be a lot more expensive. So it is wiser to just finish everything here in Malaysia.

So on the 4th of July 2010, They departed Malaysia and headed to Ireland. To me its a very big step for my sister as she will not be seeing all her friends. and for my mom, i guess she'll be happier there? As for me, There are mix feelings as part of me misses them but another part loves independent life here.

So anyways i shall head to the photos taken at the airport that day
The Que
Checking in the luggage
Unc Mike,Mom
Uncle Mike and Mom
Victoria and I
Audrey and I
Audrey and I
Victoria acting cute
Audreys Friends
Audrey's friends group photo
The last prayer for Audrey
Me, Audrey, Mom, Uncle Mike
The last family photo
Audrey and her last ride
Audrey's last human ride at KLIA
Goodbye Audrey
and waving goodbye to her

I'll miss you both:( shall visit you all soon aite? xx

So now i'm living alone in an awesome 4 room house..and there'll be house parties to come! LOL WTF (if i have the funds)


Victoria said…
what kind of house parties?? *narrows eyes* *cracks knuckles* LOL!! You still have me!! your mum ask me to take care of you! Muahahahahahaha!!!
Samuel C said…
Vince G said…
WEI! If got house party must invite me wei!! XD