Visitation to Nuffnang Office

For the 1st time, I headed down to Nuffnang's office at Heritage House to collect some of the prizes. Well i was abit lost at first in the building, but yet i found my way to the office, and I was greeted by a very cute, short =P and perky nuffie intern which is Veen Dee! but well she was really nice as she invited me in and confirm all my details and stuff :)

So anyways, I was able to take back a whole lot of Goodies for myself, Victoria, Jolyn & Audrey.

Have a look at the loot!


The list of prizes are below:

Love World Love Sloggi
As for Me & Jolyn, We both won consolation prizes and don't be deceived by the word "Consolation" as We both manage to get Vouchers of RM185 for Sloggi and RM250 for Origins.

You can check out my post for the contest HERE and her post HERE

Project Alpha
I was also selected as the Project Alpha Daily Winner which I received a Ruumz notebook and Adidas Deodorant

Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair
Last but not least, I collected the Gatsby Largest Blogger Gathering Certificates which was recorded in the Malaysian Book of Records for Audrey, Victoria and Myself

So i can happily say..


stephy-nie said…
ooo sloggi's voucher! gonna get yourself lotsa items from there? XD jokin jokin. So song hor so much freebies :D
LilMeJo said…
Thanks for helping me to collect my prize!! ^^