Is what I named the album I had on Photobucket and its uploaded/filled with pictures of me and you. Of which I beam when I open my photobucket because being TOGETHER with you is what brightens my dull days. You're the one I look forward to every weekend, you're the first one I thought of when I'm sad, you're also the first one I think of when I feel happy.

Pokoknya, you're always in my mind =)
*har har har~ ran out of romantic words, sorry la your girl friend not very romantic with words, you have to bear with "what" and "oii" la, okay? Not okay also need to be okay! Teehee*


Happy 7th Month-niversary Bie~
I You

I made you angry for petty reasons(petty sounds like accounts xD) and so I'm busting into your space and apologize. I don't mean it =( Just want to be with you for longer periods.
You know I don't mean it.

Mehehehehehehe, kambing mengembek s you =)


Vince G said…
Waa so sweet XD Congrats.