My 20th Birthday

This is a pretty late post, But anyways yeah i celebrated my 20th Birthday. It was pretty awesome this year as:

1stly- I received more than 300 birthday wishes on fb and a lot more through sms etc etc

2ndly- Victoria made a sweet ass video for me, hijacked my blog and posted it up, giving me a shock after i came back from a pool session. You can view the post HERE or you can just watch the video below:

3rdly- Adeline surprised me with Mon Wei and Jo Ling when we ate at Sushi Zanmai

So anyways, on my birthday itself, I had a bbq which i've invited about 40 people ranging from high school mates to college mates to bloggers. I didn't take much pics as i was rather busy, So i'm just curi-ing the pics from Xiang and a few other bloggers ;)

Another awesome part about this birthday was:
Rainbow on my Birthday
There was a rainbow when my bbq started :)

Heading to the rest of the pictures:
The Girls in my life
Xiang and I
Samantha and I
Victoria and I
High School Mates
Simone and Vince
Joshua Entertaining the rest
Eve and Vince getting punished after losing in a game of UNO
Cutting of the cake
A Big Ass Group Pic

and well the night ended up with:
a lot of people getting wasted. 7 bottles down!

and of course thx everyone for the awesomest presents!
T Shirts, Wine Holder, Flash Light, Tie Set, Wallet and CD

and lastly, wanna thank Adeline, Mon Wei and Jo Ling for surprising me :)
Sushi Zanmai
Love you all!

Thx everyone for the wishes (eventhough its a bit late) and thx for making it an awesome birthday for me :) and I love you Vic for makin an awesome video for me ;)


Victoria said…
awww... you're welcome bie!! Teehee! Wurve you loads too! =D Glad you like it *chuu*!