Ms Jasmines Birthday Part 2: Brussels

This is the continuation of my previous post, which is the celebration of Ms Jasmine's birthday at Lala Chong. you can view it HERE. Most of the girls had to go back early as they had curfue so anyways the rest of us headed over to Brussels beer cafe to celebrate with the other classmates who wasn't able to make it to Lala Chong.

We met up with Mr Patrick and the rest and had a big ass table at Brussels. Beer was constantly flowing into our bellies and shucks I've got a belly now =( but well thats the price you pay for drinking =) The best part of this drinking session is when Ms Jasmine kept on drinking full glasses of Stella. Thats Hot! LOL.

lets start with the pictures ;)
Ms Jasmine
Ms Jasmine with her birthday card
Group Picture at brussels
My wife and kids
Group Picture at brussels
Group pic
Evon & I
Evon and I
Samantha & Joshua
Joshua and Samantha
Lisa, Kah Wai, Serene
Lisa, Kah Wai, Serene
Evon & Samantha
Evon and Samantha
Mr Patrick
Mr Patrick down-ing his beer
Ms Jasmine
Ms Jasmine down-ing her beer
Celine & I
Celine and I
Group Picture at brussels
Big ass group pic
Group Picture at brussels
Put your hands up in the air!
Group Picture at brussels
Our last group pic!

It was a memorable night as it was a gathering of all our old classmates with our beloved lecturers. Since we've stepped into degree, we've been caving for quite a while already. We left quite early since we had classes the next morning :( but I would definitely live a night like this again!

Shall update soon as its my exam period =)